Freshwata Events gets Crystal


Recently Fresh Wata Events helped Sprint unveil their collaboration with Sharp and Virgin Mobil for the new Aquos Crystal smart phone.

The bar, dj booth and decor were constructed of ice sculptures turning the space into a crystal castle. The venue, The Glass House offered penthouse heart stopping views of the city.  CEOs and executives enjoyed the chic beats of KatXX and VJ Eclectic Method provided the eye candy.

Food and drinks were served along with a toast by the CEO’s of Sprints and Sharp.

The event was a huge success and Freshwata loved the music so much they asked to use one of LOVE F.A.M.E. Record’s songs in their highlight video. Check out the video and Enjoy!

Sprint, Virgin, SONY unveil their new smart phone in NYC with Fresh Wata Events from LOVE F.A.M.E RECORDS on Vimeo.

Music: Oneiro by Johnny Green Featuring Mammals (KatXX Remix)
Out on LOVE F.A.M.E. Records September 9th