Global Electronica Feline, katXX Launches New Label,


And Unveils the First Single, “NEVER”

Hollywood, CA – In the Electronic realm, it would be difficult to find a female with as much influence and as deep a track record as the accomplished and multi-talented KatXX.  She began her DJ career in early 2000 as DJ Cat NYC and has constantly proven her ability to pack marquee venues, and entertain a wide array of crowds; whether it’s a high-end club with A-list celebs or a stadium-style venue filled to the brim with energetic, electronic music enthusiasts.

Over her career, KatXX has held down residencies at popular Manhattan clubs like Avalon, Bungalow 8, Cielo, Crobar, Green House, Lot 61 and Mr. Black. She has toured internationally playing clubs in Tokyo (Le Baron), Mexico City (Salon 21), Barcelona (Razzmatazz), Madrid (Low Club), Amsterdam (Katapult Klub) as well as spinning high-end special events at Copenhagen’s Fashion Week and for SONY TV in Caracas, Venezuela. With regards to high-profile collaborations with other DJs and music industry stars, there are almost too many to list. Some notable names include Steve Aoki, Tommy Sunshine, Moby and Junior Sanchez.

KatXX even orchestrated a mixtape project for Sean “Diddy” Combs and Felix da Housecat called, Last Train to Paris. As a testament to her industry clout, she curates her own event, “Kat’s Pussy Party”, every year at Miami Music Week which is a calendar highlight for music lovers, industry insiders and tastemakers all over the world. Her experience also transcends into the worlds of fashion, art and film. She has provided the music for runway shows by Rebecca Taylor and spun parties for elite designers like Marc Jacobs. In the art and film world, she has been the woman behind the turntables for star-studded events like Robert Deniro’s Tribeca Film Festival and Greene Street Soho Gallery Openings.

Not only is she an expert at mixing and playing cutting edge, underground tracks that move people, she creates music too. She is a proven producer, remixer, lyricist and singer. On the production side of things, she has worked with legendary names like Felix da Housecat, Arthur Baker and John Robie (who produced songs for iconic artists such as New Order and Chaka Khan). Kat has also crafted electronic dance remixes for the likes of Jason Derulo, Dragonette and The Sounds.

In 2010, KatXX made the move from NYC to Los Angeles to focus on the production side of her career. It was this decision that sparked the formation of her new label, Love F.A.M.E. Records. (The acronym F.A.M.E. stands for Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment). As KatXX excitedly states, “This new record label is the culmination of my career to this point. It’s not just a label; it’s an all-encompassing lifestyle brand that captures all the unique facets of electronica.” She continues, “It definitely comes from a nuanced, female point of view, and we plan to make a substantial impact on dance music, nightlife, film, television, fashion, art and all elements of popular & underground culture – there are really no limits in sight.”

The first single to be released from the Love F.A.M.E. label is called “NEVER” and she couldn’t have entered the arena with a better cut. It’s a masterfully-arranged electronic track that seduces the listener right from the beginning. The cascading bass line buoyed by the creeping, warm 909 percussion sounds hauntingly epic on any dance floor – not to mention the seductive singing by the incomparable Daisy O’Dell and the slithering Wurlitzer 200A electronic piano by David Scott Stone (aka Sir DSS). All these different sonic elements combine to make this single a certified nu-disco-house hit. “The song came together so organically,” KatXX states. “I was having lunch with Daisy at Café Gratitude to discuss another project for the legendary DTLA party Summer Tramp, and the conversation turned into us working together on an original track. When we took the song to Sir DSS, he added the exact missing elements needed, and our master piece was complete.” The track will also be accompanied by four heavy-hitting remixes crafted by Daisy O’Dell; electro-disco New York ensemble, Midnight Magic; classic house/disco/new wave duo Saint Le Roq; and the insanely talented Hollywood producer/singer, Baron Von Luxxury. A music video for “NEVER” directed by Daisy O’Dell also accompany’s and it’s no surprise that accolades are already pouring in for this stellar new track!

If her past accomplishments are any indication of what’s to come from LOVE F.A.M.E. RECORDS, you can get ready for a barrage of creativity, ingenuity and great music.  Kat is bringing an entirely new paradigm to Electronic culture as a whole, so stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears open.